Decorate Your Eco Party Table With Eco Tableware

How to Decorate Your Eco Table for an Eco Summer Party Looking out of the window right now, it’s difficult to believe that summer will ever arrive. But with a few months left, it’s worth getting preparations in order if you want to have a planet friendly eco birthday party. After all, if the worst … Continue reading »


Eco is the way forward with Eco Textiles

Buying eco textiles for your eco home not only says something about your green views, but can also help pressure the textile industry to be more environmentally friendly. The eco textiles industry is the world’s number one industrial water polluter. It uses millions of gallons of water to dissolve chemicals, dyes and detergents, which are then poured … Continue reading »


Garden Kneeler to save those knees

Our garden kneeler was chosen by Alan Titchmarsh as best buy for Christmas, featured in Gardeners World magazine. It is very thick, making it comfortable to kneel or sit on and made from tough waterproof and rotproof canvas.  It features a jute handle, for hanging up, and a front pocket for storage.  44cm long, 22cm wide,5cm … Continue reading »


Eco homes can be luxurious as well as green

Eco homes can be luxurious as well as green Creating an eco home can seem at odds with luxury. For too long, the eco movement has been associated with the anti-consumerist ‘woolly jumper brigade’, and eco homes seen as ugly prefabricated buildings which put function ahead of aesthetics. But the perception of the eco home … Continue reading »